Ascent Vapes Wax and Oils Easily

Today I would like to highlight a particular product point about the Ascent Vaporizer: the glass canisters used to vaporize waxes and oils. I’m the type of guy who digs a nice wax or oil hit from a big-ass dab rig. That shit puts me over the moon, especially when I’m hitting shatters such as […]

Review: Ascent vs Pax

Lots have of people have been asking which vaporizer is better, the Ascent or the Pax.  It is a fair question because they have both emerged as two of the premier portables on the vape market today.  So let’s go over a few things they have in common and a few of the things that […]

The Best New Handheld Portable Vape

I have tried almost all of the portable handheld vapes on the market today, the Ascent is easily one of the best.  If you like to vaporize marijuana then you need to get your hands on one of these.  The first thing they made sure to improve upon was the battery life, the Ascent Vaporizer […]

Dual Functionality with Portable Vaporizing

The Ascent Vaporizer has been getting a lot of press lately for its sleek design and advanced glass technology. I want to talk today about another aspect of the Ascent which I’ve found incredibly helpful: the glass oil and wax chambers which come standard with every Ascent Vaporizer from DaVinci. There’s a growing trend of […]