Why The Ascent Is the Best Portable Vaporizer

Yes, I know this is a matter of opinion. But the Ascent is the best in its class and price point. There isn’t a portable vaporizer quiet like it that sells for under $300. There’s also not a single portable vaporizer that is as discreet or performs nearly as well as the Ascent for under […]

The Best Places in the World For Marijuana Tourism

1. Kingston, Jamaica This is the land that brought us ganja, reggae, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, beautiful beaches, Caribbean paradise… Jamaica, man! Recently, Jamaica legalized marijuana and is making great strides to provide tourists with high-quality ganja. After many years of much debate, the Jamaican government and authorities got smart about regulating/taxing marijuana and allowing people be […]

The Ascent’s Glass Materials Make A Difference

My Ascent vaporizer works great. I’m happy with its portability, battery life and overall performance. In fact, one of my favorite features is the digital temperature feature that allows me to vaporize my herb at the right temperature. The discreetness factor is also a plus. Additionally, being able to switch over to wax instead of […]

Introducing Bud And Breakfast – The Airbnb for Pot Smokers

Marijuana tourism and services are on the rise. Yes, this is a good thing. While many lodging and hotel services in Colorado fail to deliver or allow marijuana smoke on their premises, other businesses have capitalized and seen an opportunity to expand on this opportunity. A great example of this is Bud and Breakfast. If […]

Great Flavor with Ascent’s Glass Delivery

The benefits of glass vapor delivery may be obvious to some, but if you’re brand new to the practice of vaporizing your weed, you may not realize how advantageous a glass vapor path may be. You see, the idea behind vaping is that you’re heating up the ganja without burning it like you would with […]

Beyond Buds by Ed Rosenthal Book Review

We are really excited about the new book from Ed Rosenthal that is about to come out from Quick Trade Publishing. Beyond Buds is destined to be the gold standard for educating the populace on marijuana extracts such as hash oil, budder, shatter, and waxes. There is a lot of miseducation and misunderstanding surrounding the […]

What is the Best Portable Vape: Ascent or Pax?

When the Pax Vaporizer hit the scene in 2012, it caused a pretty noticeable stir, and for good reason. It’s a sleek, professional weed vape that can go literally anywhere without attracting unwanted attention. Now, you may get a few cocked eyes and intrigued glances from closet stoners and e-cig fans, but Paxers don’t need […]

Portable vapes for marijuana continue to innovate

A slew of new portable vaporizers for medical marijuana having been flooding the market as of late.  While the Ascent vaporizer has continued to impress everyone there are other portables that are making a name for themselves as well.  One of the newer vaporizers for weed that is making a run at the throne is […]