What is the Best Portable Vape: Ascent or Pax?

When the Pax Vaporizer hit the scene in 2012, it caused a pretty noticeable stir, and for good reason. It’s a sleek, professional weed vape that can go literally anywhere without attracting unwanted attention. Now, you may get a few cocked eyes and intrigued glances from closet stoners and e-cig fans, but Paxers don’t need […]

Portable vapes for marijuana continue to innovate

A slew of new portable vaporizers for medical marijuana having been flooding the market as of late.  While the Ascent vaporizer has continued to impress everyone there are other portables that are making a name for themselves as well.  One of the newer vaporizers for weed that is making a run at the throne is […]

Ascent Vapes Wax and Oils Easily

Today I would like to highlight a particular product point about the Ascent Vaporizer: the glass canisters used to vaporize waxes and oils. I’m the type of guy who digs a nice wax or oil hit from a big-ass dab rig. That shit puts me over the moon, especially when I’m hitting shatters such as […]

Review: Ascent vs Pax

Lots have of people have been asking which vaporizer is better, the Ascent or the Pax.  It is a fair question because they have both emerged as two of the premier portables on the vape market today.  So let’s go over a few things they have in common and a few of the things that […]