Check Out This Article About the Ascent by!


We recently stumbled across this really great article about the DaVinci Ascent by It’s really well written and not only talks about the great features of the Ascent, but also gives some interesting insight into the emerging trend of vaporizing in general. If you’re a fan of the Ascent, or want to learn more about this great vaporizer, click here and take a few minutes to read the article. The following is one of our favorite exerts from the article: “While many vaporizers are gimmicky and cheaply made, there’s a whole new class of units that are targeted towards millennials Continue reading

The Ascent More Affordable Than Ever!


Da Vinci vaporizers are known for their quality and great performance. Up until recently the Ascent was retailing at around $249.99, which pretty much made it difficult for many people to be able to afford it. Da Vinci recently announced a considerable price cut on the Ascent, and it is now selling it at $199.99 on the Da Vinci website. This is great news for those of use who were looking to get a portable vaporizer that truly delivers the best vaporization experience for less than $199.99. For a long time, the Ascent was priced at $249.99, which made many Continue reading

Best Places to Vape With The Ascent On a Weekend


The Ascent is a great portable vaporizer. It is not only highly portable and user friendly, but it delivers some of the cleanest vapor around. It is one of the few portable vaporizers that truly delivers vaporization and zero combustion. The other great thing about the Ascent is that it uses glass technology, which means you won’t be tasting any plastic or metals in your vapor. Anyhow, the Ascent is a great to take out on the road, so we decided to compile some of our favorite places The Beach This is a great place to take the Ascent as Continue reading

Why The Ascent Is the Best Portable Vaporizer

Black Handheld Vaporizer

Yes, I know this is a matter of opinion. But the Ascent is the best in its class and price point. There isn’t a portable vaporizer quiet like it that sells for under $300. There’s also not a single portable vaporizer that is as discreet or performs nearly as well as the Ascent for under $300. Unless you’re rolling in dough, or your last name is written on the outside of a skyscraper, value and pricing are things that the rest of us consider before buying a decent portable vaporizer. The Ascent is also one of the most discreet vaporizers. It Continue reading

The Best Places in the World For Marijuana Tourism


1. Kingston, Jamaica This is the land that brought us ganja, reggae, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, beautiful beaches, Caribbean paradise… Jamaica, man! Recently, Jamaica legalized marijuana and is making great strides to provide tourists with high-quality ganja. After many years of much debate, the Jamaican government and authorities got smart about regulating/taxing marijuana and allowing people be consumed by its public. Anyhow, Jamaica is a great destination for those seeking high-quality ganja, great culture and music, beautiful Caribbean scenery and friendly people. 2. Denver, Colorado Colorado is ahead of its time. The fact that they’ve legalized recreational marijuana before any other state Continue reading

The Ascent’s Glass Materials Make A Difference

Ascent Vaporizer Glass Tube

My Ascent vaporizer works great. I’m happy with its portability, battery life and overall performance. In fact, one of my favorite features is the digital temperature feature that allows me to vaporize my herb at the right temperature. The discreetness factor is also a plus. Additionally, being able to switch over to wax instead of herb is a nice option to have. More importantly, the clean vapor performance that I get is really the best thing thing about the Ascent. In fact, thanks to its glass mouthpiece and the glass air path, I get the cleanest vaping experience. The Glass Continue reading

Introducing Bud And Breakfast – The Airbnb for Pot Smokers

Punta del Este

Marijuana tourism and services are on the rise. Yes, this is a good thing. While many lodging and hotel services in Colorado fail to deliver or allow marijuana smoke on their premises, other businesses have capitalized and seen an opportunity to expand on this opportunity. A great example of this is Bud and Breakfast. If wine country promoters all across the world promote their product and regions that are known to produce and sell quality products, why can’t weed producers and lodging services do it? Just last month thousands of people from all over America (and the world) flocked over Continue reading

A Quick Look At The Ascent Vaporizer Accesories


The other day I wanted to get out and find out more about Ascent’s accessories. I love their vaporizers, so I wanted to find out what else they have to offer. I soon realized that there is a great selection of different accessories to choose from that may come in handy from time to time. In fact, I recently found it super easy to replace the Ascent Oil jars. Some of the accessories that I found include the Ascent glass mouthpiece, the Ascent U-Water Tool Adapter, the Ascent Oil Jars, the Ascent Water Tool Adapter, the Ascent Metal Pick and my favorite, the Ascent Vape Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know If You’re Travelling to Jamaica (Weed is Legal There Now!)


The super cold winters that we’ve had over the last few years in the continental US should be a good reason to travel to a tropical paradise like Jamaica. Yes, Jamaica. The land that gave us reggae, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and of course, ganja is a great vacation spot for those looking to get away. The great thing about Jamaica is that its government has recently legalized the use of marijuana. There couldn’t be a better time to travel to this beautiful island! After many decades, the Jamaican government has finally realized the money-making potential of marijuana tourism and Continue reading